“I was referred to Allisun, owner of Orange Yoga a few years ago when I was in a very broken place. I was recently divorced, fatigued on every level, disconnected from life and from the world, anxious, and seemingly powerless. I had been to many yoga classes in many cities, but instantly knew she was a different teacher than I had ever experienced.

First of all, her flows were so pure. They seemed every time to be somehow exactly what I needed–the words she would say, the movements, the poses, the music–all somehow coming together creating this healing experience in my mind, body, and spirit. Other students would comment on this very thing–that they felt as though the flow were tailored perfectly for them every session. In fact, in her classes there is this inexplicable, energetic understanding between the students that something unusually special, if not holy is happening.

It is because Allisun follows where the yoga is telling her to go. She is unimpeded by expectation and her own thoughts of what should happen, and facilitates a pure, powerful flow. I was finding my body getting stronger than it had ever been, more flexible, and fluid. I was feeling more connected to my femininity and sexuality, more connected to the earth, Source, and life as a whole. I started to see Allisun for personal sessions in order for this momentum and healing to be heightened, which is exactly what happened.

She has a sharp kinesthetic sense for what your body needs, and gives you an unbelievable work out that is enlivening and invigorating to the core. This would be reason enough to see her. But, she infuses into the session a spiritual counseling that has brought so much awareness, personal power, and peace back into my life. I was able to acknowledge and work through patterns of behavior, anxiety, and addiction that were ruling my life, while gaining strength and confidence in my body. She is still my teacher, and I am still enjoying new layers of freedom, insight, and aliveness with each class.” –S.M.



To experience private yoga sessions personalized just for you, call Allisun at 505.382.4413 or book online.