Feb 2017

Greetings, Orange Yogis!
I pray this message finds you well and shining brightly, holding true to the grounding love of your practice and all that you know to be true in your heart, especially in these times in which we find ourselves. Know that the light in your heart is your own, and is always so much more powerful than fear. Wield this light and allow it to be infectious and ever-growing. Know that together we are strong, and our connections through practice and unity are binds which cannot be unraveled. These truths are priceless and infinite.

I am writing in honor of ORANGE YOGA’s six year anniversary! It was on February 14th, 2011 that we had our first class in our 4th St location. Many of you have been practicing with me for many more years, some of you less. Your presence at Orange Yoga, and in my life, is one of my greatest blessings, and I am so honored to witness you in all your growth, all your realness. We have been through a lot together, on our mats, in our lives, in our hearts.

I am beyond grateful for each and every one of you. YOU ARE ORANGE YOGA!

In honor of this momentous event, I’d like to offer you 25% off any and all services for the entire week of this anniversary. Use promo code SIXYEARS at checkout, or purchase in-studio.

Also, for the entire month of February, all retail is on sale including Orange Yoga t-shirts and tanks, as well as the lovely items I brought back with me from my travels in India last year.

Lastly, bring a friend or friends for free for the rest of February.

Again, my deepest and most sincere gratitude for years of support and love.