Allisun’s lifelong love affair with Yoga began over 17 years ago, at nineteen years old. This practice proved to be salvation from a potentially destructive life path. and each unfolding brings more growth, love, and truth.


Formerly a personal trainer and fitness instructor, Allisun began teaching Yoga in Albuquerque in 2006, and every day since has been a blessing.


Allisun’s personal practice as well as the classes she leads are a fusion of Allisun’s experiences in Yoga; the Dharma Mittra teachings of her very first and most beloved teacher, Eddie Andino, whom she continues to learn from and grow with to this day, Hatha and Iyengar teachings from Allisun’s 200hr training with High Desert Yoga in 2006, Vinyasa Flow from her trainings and master trainer apprenticeship with YogaFit as well as Allisun’s studies with Stephanie Adams, Power Yoga from immersions with Baron Baptiste, meditation and insightful Satsang with Adi Vajra, classes with Gina Caputo and Shiva Rea, and all of the other teachers and students Allisun considers herself so blessed to share experiences with.


Allisun is deeply inspired by nature, music, and love. The result is a flowing, dynamic, spiritual and devotional expression of mind, body, and breath, tapping into the creativity, fluidity, sensuality, and movement within every living being. Allisun believes we are ONE with each other, wth this earth, the stars above, past and future… united by passion, spirit, and love.


Allisun believes Yoga is our connection to Divine Spirit, our connection to the beyond. Yoga is transcendent and timeless.


Allisun’s knowing is that through intentional practice, how we move through the world on AND off the mat, we can heal this planet, we can heal all that breathes and grows.


It has truly been her greatest honor to lead outdoor and indoor Yoga classes and private sessions for the past 12 years, and to lead Yoga retreats around New Mexico, Colorado, and Belize since 2010.
Since opening Orange Yoga, our cozy sacred space in the north valley of Albuquerque on Valentine’s Day in 2011, each day Allisun is a reminder of opportunities for growth, humility, and gratitude that are truly humbling.
Allisun has been delighted and honored to lead group classes at the Arise Music Festival, High Mountain Hideout, Sister Winds, Los Ranchos Lavender Festival, and other music festivals in New Mexico and Colorado, and had the honor of studying once again with Stephanie Adams (Pushti) and Adi Vajra in Rishikesh, India, the birthplace of YOGA, in November and December, 2016.

Allisun lives by the belief that Yoga is a celebration of heart, soul, and Spirit. Yoga is life, Yoga is LOVE… OM OM OM